A85Z) 18 Reasons Why I won’t be getting Vaxxed article

A*85F cont... Increasing authoritarianism

A85 Japanese Pfizer bio distribution study April 2021.

A85 Links to other sources of info:

A85P) Conclusion continued...  

A85L VAX Summary

A85A notes continued: The Covid 19 death figures were exaggerated

A85Cc Propaganda media cont

A85g L The mRNA + DNA Vaccines (full notes)

A85N Depopulation agenda full.

A85M full climate change

A85h) The Jesuits footnoted from Plans conclusion

A85g) Vaccines old version X not used now

A85f) 2nd version the debate twic Dr Bossche and Dr Yeadon on varients

A85e) Operation Lockstep, page 18, from “Scenarios for the Future...

85d) Arti , Senator Kennedy on Gates 20yr's of vaxxing

A85c) Intro cont evidence of a conspiracy

A85b) Dr Mike Yeadon Entirely possible massive-scale depopulation

A85a) ORIGINAL UNUSED NOW notes cont Warning notes on Bossche v Yeadon

A86) An authoritarian system will creep in surreptitiously, like the tide of

A85) The Globalists PLAN; Covid 19 Used to Assist Moves Towards Global Governanc

A84) The end times are here, a spiritual experience/warning, (S. Dobbs, 5th Dec,

A82) The Implementation of Card less 666 Technology, (2004 M. Aldridge)

A 80), A Warning to Christian YouTube Channels, (JourneywD'B, link, Nov 1st 2015

A79) There will be a bombardment of our senses as we head into the end times, (S

A78) Abadon/Apollyon Rising, (S. Dobbs, late 1990’s).

A77) “The AntiChrist Is Rising, the Coronavirus and plans fa One World Governm

A76) The 6th seal, “hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne,

A75* notes cont on from prophecy and notes start

*A75) Coronavirus Politics, the Lockdown, the Globalist Agenda, Donald Trump and

A73) Brexit and Trump, (S. Dobbs, 2018):

A74) Chaos and Confusion, the Coronavirus Covid 19 and the end times, (S. Dobbs,

A72) The E.U, the globalists, a One World Government, Luciferianism and Satan’

A71) Video: “The Wave of Deceit and Delusion is here,” (Victoria Segres Bate

A70) Brexit, the E.U and the Last Days, (S. Dobbs and others, Nov 2016).

**Prediction alert!!

**Prediction alert!! A Prophecy relating to the next Middle East War, i.e. word

A69) The Coming One World Religion, (S. Dobbs, 2011).

A68) “A Falling Away of Ministers, Interfaith, Grassroots Christianity,

*A67) The Antichrist to add

A66), The dangers of falling away amongst ministers; (S. Dobbs, Aug 2015).

A65) The times are dark. The Kingdom of Light, (David Noakes, March 2015).

A64) The Cup of Judgement is Full a Prophetic Word for the USA, (Evangelist Dann

*A63) to test then add

A62) An Occult Anointing and Fallen Angels Will Soon Sweep Across the USA, (S. D

A61) The Bride Will Leave Christendom, (Vision by Wayne Thomas, 1993).

A60) Two Boats, the True and False Churches, (M. Alleckna)

A59) False Prophets and Bad Sheppard's, (David Noakes, 13th Dec 1994).

A58), 7 False Teachings That Will Enter The Church, (S. Dobbs, July 2006): TO DO

A57) a False Teacher, (C. Nambasa, 2004).

A56) Why God Allows Deception in the Church of the Western World - Humility, (S.

A55) USA, Great Judgements, (Stanley Frodisham, 1965).

A54) Global Changes in the Church, (C. Simpson, 1993)

A53) [UK], Further Insights into Smith Wigglesworth's Prediction of a Great Revi

A52) The European Union, Interfaith and Deception, (S. Dobbs, 2007).

A51) Rapid Moral Decline in Europe and Political links with the USA. (S. Dobbs,

A50), Vision about Christian Ministries shared, (B. Jenkinson, 18.11.2008).

A49) This coming season, Avoiding Deception and Overwhelming Spiritual Attacks,

(A48) A Word for 2009 onwards, (Sharon Stone, Nov 2008).

A47) (A47) Vision - Economy on Life Support, (B. H. Nov 3, 1997).

A46) “A New Era,” (B. Franklin, 2008).

A45) Europe – the Spiritual Centre of the Beast Empire, (S. Dobbs, Jan 2007

A44) A Word From Azusa Street, 1906.

A43) The Interfaith Movement, a False Form of Christianity, to the End of the Ag

A42) A Realigning of National Churches in the Global Body of Christ, (S. Dobbs 2

A41) Muslims Losing Their Faith in Islam and Joining the Global Interfaith Movem

A40) Interfaith and the Dangers of Self Promotion Amongst Some Christians, (S. D

*A39) appears a C26.

A38) A Clear Distinction Between the Righteous and the Unrighteous in the Coming

A37) The Falling Away, (s. Dobbs 2003).

*A36) as UK C24

*A35) Appears as UK C23.

*A33) as UK C34.

*A32) as UK C21.

A31) Gods End Times Sunset and Catholic Believers, (S. Dobbs, 2005).

A30) Hudson Taylor’s Vision of 1855; “The Great Awakening.”

A29), The Ten Kings Who Destroy Babylon, (S. Dobbs, 2005).

(A28), Babylon: The Free Market Economy and the Catholic Church, (S. Dobbs, 2003

A27) The Lampstands/Churches of the Western World and S. America, (S. Dobbs, 200

A26) The Two Lampstands, (Rev Ch 11), (S. Dobbs, 2003).

A25) A Counterfeit Christianity, the One World Religion, the Beast From the Eart

A24), The Emergence of the Beast from the Sea in the World Today, (S. Dobbs, 200

A23) Three Aspects to the Beast, (S. Dobbs, 1998).

A22) The defeat of Islam and the counterfeit peace that will follow, (D. Noakes,

A21) The defeat of Islam Followed by a More Powerful, Deceiving Foe, (Eliyahu Be

A20) Islamic Terrorism and Western Authoritarianism, (Anonymous, 2003).

(A19),The Events of the Book of Revelation Have Started, (Anonymous, 2003):

A18) The Four Seasons Before The End Of This Age, (Mark Aldrige, 2004).

A17) Two Great Waves of the Spirit Coming into Britain from Africa and the Two L

*A16) as UK, C12

A15) A Period of Teaching and Discernment Following a Great Move of Gods Spirit,

*A14) as UK C10

A13) UK INT Three Stages to the Great Revival, (Smith Wigglesworth, 1939).

*A12) RETESTING!! J Darnell

A11) Ezeikiel 38, Gog of Magog Followed by a Move of Gods Spirit in the Middle

A10) The Lord’s promise to reveal himself to the Muslim people, (L. Duns, 2004

A9) A Prophetic Word for Europe Incl Britain and France, (John Mulinde, 1998).

A8) Smith Wigglesworths Prophecy the Great Move of the Spirit and its effect in

A7) A word linking two earlier predictions concerning a great move of the Spirit

A6) The Great Revival, (Smith Wigglesworth 1947).