Someone had a word of knowledge encouraging me to set up a prophecy website back in 2003. At first I assumed this was deceptive, as I wasn’t expecting to keep receiving prophecies and knew nothing about computers. A year later, a friend had an identical word and we then started to pray about setting up a website, this was completed by 2005. I felt I could also add prophecies from others which now make up about half of those on site. The original website was getting hacked so frequently that this version had to be set up in 2015 with updated security. I would recommend getting copies of any prophecies you are interested in a.s.p as I do not know how long this site will remain functional.

I started moving in the gift of prophecy at my first church, (a charismatic fellowship), back in 1985, along with many others there. I am very grateful that the Lord also led me into moving in the gift of discerning of spirits as well as it is hard to test most prophecies without that gift operating. The bible is the ultimate test, though, and no prophecy will ever contradict scripture. I believe we need to be bible based in everything as we head into the end times, especially in testing all spiritual manifestations against scripture.

I’ve moved city several times and have fellowshipped in an A.O.G Pentecostal church, another house church, a Baptist church, a new African church planting, and an Anglican church. I have also fellowshipped a lot across denominational lines, outside of official church structures, which I recommend.

There is a huge amount of false and inaccurate prophecy around these days, (I would estimate at least 95% of those online), so please take care to pray and test all words carefully for yourself.