I have included prophecies from others here too, where these relate to the Book of Revelations in some way, particularly Rev Ch 13. Each of the prophecies I received myself contained some new revelation and so none completely reflected the beliefs I had held before receiving them. Some consisted of completely new interpretations that I had not previously contemplated in any way at all. They do not reflect any particular denominational doctrine or theological school of thought, only what I believe the Holy Spirit had given me. Some of the symbolism contained in the Book of Revelations can have more than one intended meaning or interpretation, so I am not claiming these are the only possible way such symbolism is to be interpreted. 


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(A58),  False teachings that will enter the church, (S. Dobbs, 2006) - Relates to the Book of Revelations

(A67), The Antichrist, (a prophecy from Bristol in the 1990's) - I do not yet have permission from God to release this.