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    UPDATE, Oct 15th 2019: Turkey has now invaded N. Syria. However, the  (C74) prediction was that when Turkey invades N. Iraq, (where the boarders of Syria, Turkey and Iraq meet), will be the sign that the Ez 38 Gog of Magog war is about to start. Nonetheless, it is the Kurds that Turkey is presently attacking and that tri boarder area would cut the Kurdish forces in Syria off from those in Iraq, so this sign could soon happen as part of the present offensive.

    UPDATE, 29th May 2019: An educational organization focusing on the Jewish Temple has recently made a coin with the facial profile of Donald Trump over that of King Cyrus who gave the order to rebuild the 2nd Jewish Temple. Many Jews are expecting Trump to oversee the building of a 3rd Temple in our day. The rebuilding of the Temple is viewed by many as a sign that the very last days have arrived, perhaps even the last 7 years before Christs return. The rebuilding of the Temple is also the subject of Ez 40, and Ez 38 and 39 refer to the Gog of Magog war which precedes this and is refered to in the notes below as well as prophecy No (C74).

    UPDATE, May 2019: I think it is possible/likely that a great wave of deception, counterfeit revival and attack upon the churches of the western world could take place within the next year or so and may even start as early as this summer. The Gog of Magog, Ez 38 war against Israel should take place about 1.5 - 2 years after the start of that wave. We are already seeing tensions rise between the USA and both Iran and Turkey who I believe will lead that attack, see (C74).

    UPDATE, Feb 2019: Israel has now adopted a policy of permenant ongoing attacks against any Iranian military targets in Syria, bringing closer the likelyhood of an all out proxy war between the two sides in the region. April 2018: President Erdogan of Turkey has recently called for a coalition of Islamic forces to attack Israel, (link). Turkish forces, in coalition with Iraqi forces, are also planning to attack the Kurds to drive them out of Iraq. This appears to parrallel (C74) which predicts the event that will immediately preceed the Ez 38, war against Israel. God has provided us with this info so that Christians will be alerted in avance, so we will have the correct attiude towards Israels immediate Arab neighbour nations which will not be involved in this attack. Revival will then sweep across the M. East. This may relate to the Isaiah 19 end times prediction prediction.  

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