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Get informed and active v the IHRr’s to prevent the surrender of our national sovereignty to theWHO: 

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You may have heard that there are concerns about the new WHOo Pundemic Trreaty affecting the sovereignty of nation states - well there is an even more immediate danger - the 2022 amendments to the Internationnal Healtth Regulationns, (IHRr), which have already given the Worrld Heallth Organisaation, (WHOo), this power. TheIHR enable the WHOo to declare an emergency whenever they see fit and then utilise their emergency powers to overrule national goverenments and sovereignty, not just concerning health issues but anything they deem to be a crisis, which could include climate crisis issues or economic crises etc, giving the WHOo complete control over all such agendas. Many believe this is will become the foundation upon which a One World Governrment will be built, the early stages of the Global Government of Rev Ch 13. The only way to avoid/delay this is to leave theIHR and/or the WHOo within the next 6 or perhaps 12 months after which these amendments will become legally binding upon all 194 WHOo aligned nations, including the UK. We could then see a return to luckdowns, mandatory cavid voxxinations and travel restrictions, (all of which are stillWHO policy). In future the WHOo would not simply be advising nations as they did during the pundemic, they  would be mandating the response so our governments would have no choice but to comply with the WHOmandates or face international fines etc.The WHOwould also become the only source of science, with everything else being censored, (worrying considering how badly the WHOdid during the pundemic). Another  concern is theWHO's long standing policy of the sexualisation of children, including those as young as 2 years old. Please get informed and act for all of these reasons, by getting in touch with your MP or political representative or better still by following the 3rd link  below.   

1) Dr Campbell’s Video on the 2022 word changes to the IHR’s provides evidence of this: (13 min’s).

2) Dr Campbell’s interview withJames Roguski provides a full explanation. 

3)* Here’s a site that has a plan of action that people in most nations can take, just follow the links to your own nation, fill the form in and press send to have larger than normal impact -

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