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A93) Home Page link Increase in deaths voxx warning

A93) 2024; A Potential Increase In Deaths Warning, (this is a watchman not a prophetic warning), linked from Home Page: 

A deal has been struck between the UK government and Moderna. Soon (perhaps even by the end of 2023), many of the UKs vaxxes will be made by Moderna and contain their gene based RNA technology. The flu jabs will also contain and be based on this synthetic genetic material. Moderna and Pffizer are controlled by those who own Blackkrockk and Vangguard Finance Houses. Pffizzer have boasted that by injecting just 5% of the public their mRNAa can shed to the rest of the population via the breath and/or sweat, thereby infecting everyone. They are very likely using voxxines that shed already. Many doctors have reported that unvaxxed patients are often experiencing the side effects of these voxxines which appears to be evidence of such shedding. We are now, therefore, facing mRNA voxxines that can infect the vaxxed and unvaxxed. The gene based technology inside the voxxines could therefore spread to everyone. Independent doctors and scientists are already finding that almost every tested patients’ blood has been affected by the mRNAa voxxines. The population’s blood is not as healthy as before and has a greater tendency to clot. All the drug Co.'s are linked and controlled by the same oligarch elite. "Blackrrock," "Vangguard" and "State Street” now control 85% of all Co.'s in the stock market. So the free market is dead and we now live in an economic system called an "Oligarchy." Since the voxxines rollouts embalmers have been reporting that most deceased voxxinated bodies have fibrous white clots in their blood vessels and archeries, which have never been seen before. These form once the blood in their bodies cools after death. The voxxines appear to be the only explanation for this.  The Astrazzeneca jab has been banned throughout most of the world for causing blood clots. The other three voxxijes do not appear to be any healthier. According to the Office of National Statistics the UK's excess death rate is still 10% above average since the cavid1/9 vaxxine rollouts. This is massive, a WW2 level of deaths. According to official stats the same increase in excess deaths exists across the entire E.U and is even higher in the USA and Australia. None of this is mentioned by the mass media or by our leading politicians within the Oligarch system we now live in. Cases of heart attacks, strokes, immune system disorders and miscarriages are all up significantly. The effects of these mRNAa vaxxes is accumulative. As more voxxines are made from this this gene based technology the death rate is likely to keep increasing. At the same time these Pharma Co.'s are maximising their profits, just as we also see in the USA's opioid epidemic. These RNAa voxxines are now also known to shed. We could end up living in a sea of vaxx shedding a smore and more voxxines are made from mRNA. I think this may be a prelude and build up towards the plagues and deaths predicted in Rev Ch 6 - from the spirit of death and the Pale Horse of the Apocalypse in Rev Ch 6 v7?  [We could already be observing the prelude to the two preceding Red and Black Horses of the Apocalypse, with the increase in wars, Ukraine, being the Red Horse and inflation the Black Horse perhaps]. The plagues of the Fourth, Pale Horse, could, therefore, be man-made and arise from the effects of introducing man made, genetic DNAa and modRNA voxxines into our blood streams. Almost all the watchmen, doctors and scientific whistle blowers and those who take the time to study what is going on believe these voxxines to be highly dangerous. Many of these leading doctors and scientists are suggesting various medical protocols which they claim can block the effects of these voxxines and cleanse the blood from the mRNAa and other toxic ingredients contained within some of the batches of these voxxines. The batches have been found to differ radically, for the same voxxines as if we are being experimented upon, with just 5% of the batches causing most of the deaths. Some of the other toxins that have been found include magnetised graphene nano particles, heavy metals and other pollutants. Click here (LINK), to see some of the medical protocols they are suggesting to help the body detox quickly from these toxins and to protect oneself from shedding. Take responsibility and do your own research, remembering that the Pharma Co.'s, the associated mass media and oligarch fact checking sites claim that anything which blocks the effects of their vaxxine’s is bad for your health, so there is much controversy here. I would recommend using the uncensored and video websites to seek out interviews by these leading and independent doctors and scientists who at great cost to themselves are now acting as whistle blowers. YouTube has some good videos still but is also highly censored. Dr Campbell’s YouTube videos are highly recommended, he bases everything on solid scientific fact. (LINK) to some of the whistle-blower doctor’s protocols, more information can be found online at the above sites.

A scandle? Rishi Sunak, Moderna’s new mRNAa voxxines, Bankers, Boris Johnson and the political elite: These facts can be checked online. Moderna was created by a Hedgefund which Rishi Sunak (now our PM), set up when he was working as a banker. Richard Sharp, was Rishi Sunak’s boss when he worked at Goldman Sachs bank. Sharp assisted Boris Johnson in securing an £800k interest free loan/gift whilst he was PM was then made Chairman and controller of the BBC. Moderna was given £1billion in tax payers money to build a UK plant for all our future  vaxxes, incl the flu vax, all will now start using covid gene based vaxx technology, i.e. synthetic DNA + RNA  injected into peoples cells. Under Sunak Moderna secured the contract to supply the UK with its voxxines even though it has only ever brought its cavid1/9  vaxx to market before. We can see here the interplay between the big bankers, politicians and the voxx Co.’s which are themselves controlled by the oligarchs Blackrrock and Vangguard Finance Houses and hedge funds.

Try this 1 min clip: 

Another 1 min via clip from former leader of the FBI exposing the Illuminatis infiltration of the FBI and CIA, (elesewhere he claims theyve infiltrated every area of society, the economy, (especially the banking sector), and politics as part of a 230 year Plan, (this is just a taster).

Since, in the above vid, the former leader of the FBI refers to satanic cults I thought I would provide a link to this 2017 prophecy which brings the whole issue back down to earth as it were, (its a mistake to project our biblical views of satanism onto how most of the people in these groups perceive them, most belive they are helping the world and dont even belive in a personified Satan),


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