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A94 start of final VOXXINE arti

A94) Start of Final VOXXINE article: 

Introduction: This month, in Nov 2023, the UK’s High Court found that the UK made Astrazzeneca cavid jabb was, quote; “DEFECTIVE.” This is hardly surprising as almost every other nation had already banned it for causing blood clots. The USA banned it before Boris Johnson had so earnestly endorsed it, before its rollout had even started. Johnson’s subsequent boasts about how we had beaten the E.U to a rollout now looks foolish at best. The UK’s new P.M, Rishi Sunak, was shrewder. Whilst working as a banker he set up the hedge fund that created Moderna, which has since secured the contract to make all of our Flu voxxines, (using mRNA). The UK taxpayer is also funding the buildings of Moderna’s Labs, to the tune of £1 billion, (as if they hadn’t already made enough from their cavid voxxines to pay for these themselves). Sunak refuses to say whether or not he has made any money from any this, (but of course he has). Whilst working for Goldman Sachs Sunak’s boss was Richard Sharp, (the man who helped get Boris Johnson his £800,000 interest free loan, (“gift”). Sharp was subsequently appointed Chairman of the BBC, but shortly sacked for this suspicious conflict of interests, (the BBC that secular bastion of truth and righteousness that that promoted and then protected Jimmy Saville for over 30 years despite all the warning they received about him since the 1970’s). Most of the other mass media TV broadcasters have shareholders, so can be influenced or compromised that way. Together they are where the majority of people drew thaie information about the voxxines from.  The Blackrouck and Vanguaard Finace Houses now control 40% of shares on the stock market, giving them a controlling influence over 85% of Co.’s on the stock market, (including Pharmaceutical Co.’s). They in turn are controlled by the great banking dynasties and their oligarch allies, most noteably the Roothchilds and Rocckefellars, (mention that if you’re famous and you could now be shot). So the small oligarch elite who control the banking system also control the pharmaceutical Co.’s that made the cavid voxxines as well as the mass media that promoted them. Their corporations have also infiltrated most of the western government’s authorisation structures that claimed the cavid voxxines were “safe and effective,” (including Astrazzenca’s). In 2021 a Court in Texas forced Ppfizer to release 10, 000s of pages of its saftey trails data. Independent scientists and analysts have since found that data to have been rigged, manipulated and of the lowest possible standard. Its claim its jab had a Efficacy Rating of 94% was a scam, it used Relative Efficacy which few understand or have even heard of.  Pffizer’s own data reveals that its cavid jabs normal Efficacy was below 1%, no one would have taken it or risk the side effects if they had been told that). This isn’t surprising either since Pffizer, along with Johnnson and Johnnson and Astrazzeneca, have been repeatedly found, by US Courts, to have been lying, for over 20 years, about the safty of their synthetic opioid drugs, which they claimed were not addicted but resulted in the opioid epidemic of addictions that has devastated much of US society and led to over 500, 000 deaths. If we use the actual definition these are, therefore, officially criminal Co.’s. They were trusted to inject us with, not fully tested genetic material, synthetic DNA and mRNA, (or rather modRNA as it has since emerged that can live not just seconds but up to a year in the human body). This was said to have been rushed out to tackle what is now known to have been a man-made viras that “escaped” form a lab, probably/possibly the Wuhan Institute of virology, that all accept, also experiments with coronavirases for use as bioweapons.  You couldn’t make it up. Furthermore Dr Fauci, head of the FDA and leading adviser in the USA on the pandemic, had been investing tens of millions of $’s in that Chinese Lab to make voxxines for them. Very odd. To claim there are no conspiracies is quite absurd - but then that message has come out of the oligarch run mass media.  Moderna are the only one of the four cavid voxxines Co.’s who were not implicated in the opioid scandal but this is because it had not been set up by the Rishi Sunak led hedge fund until more recently. If you want to know the truth you must listen to the scientific whistle blowers instead, the leading scientists not in the sway of Big Pharma and the bankers. They are of course banned from appearing on T.V by most of the mass media. You can find them online though, working hard to protect the public from the avalanche lies they have been exposed to. If you want to also know what agenda the oligarch and, to a lesser extent the political elite adhere to then look no further that their own World Economic Forums, (WEF), website, or interviews with its founder, Klaus Schwab, (the chairman of Vanguuard, known as the “friend of the Rockeefellars”), or his cronies who will openly tell you. I guarantee you won’t at first believe it, but it’s from the horses mouth. [Where are the anti1%er’s now we need them?]. You won’t of course hear about any of this on T.V, not anywhere in W. Europe anyway, except sometimes on GB News that is. Check it out for yourself online and join the 15% who have bothered to, most people don’t. I don’t want to be accused of wearing a tin foil hat. This article/booklet will focus on the scientific facts that have been revealed about the cavid voxxines and the mRNA, (or, rather, the modRNA), gene based technology that is now being pushed upon us by this same elite.

To be added to, (God willing).

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