These are general  prophecies as well as words of warning or encouragement. They can be accessed by clicking on the titles below. The numbers indicate the order in which the words were added to the list.

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(B18), This summer towards early 2020? (S. Dobbs April 2019). Beware, the warnings below concerning a great wave of deception, a powerful counterfeit revival, could start as early as this summer... the main prophecy relating to this is A40)...  [more info] 


(B16), An End Times Warning, (Published in New Covenant, February 1978): "Son of man, do you see that city going bankrupt? Are you willing to see all of your cities going bankrupt? Are you willing to see the bankruptcy of the whole economic system you rely upon now, so that all money is worthless and cannot support you?.. Son of man, do you see the crime and lawlessness in your city streets, and towns, and institutions? Are you willing to see no law, no order, no protection for you except the protection which I myself will give you?.. Son of man,.." [ more info ]


(B15), UK, Warning against Interfaith Meetings; (Patricia Higton, in the late nineteen eighties): “I have been speaking to you of unity. And yes, you are beginning to understand that you must reflect my divine nature in its harmony. But I would say to you I am a God of creativity. The unity which I long to see amongst my children will be a diamond with many facets. Each facet will reflect something of my revelation but is of little worth unless part of the whole. So there must be a glad recognition that you belong together and need each other. But again I would warn you, my children, that my enemy is seeking to bring about a unity which is not based on my word" more info ]


 (B13), UK, Inner Revival, (Mark Aldridge, Nov 2002): In November 2002 the Holy Spirit gave me this picture, which is for the Body of Christ nationally... I was on the Cornish coast (where I used to go for holidays as a child).  In Cornwall the Atlantic Ocean waves come in against the shore.  Initially, I saw the coastline, which was made up of coves.  In some of the coves there were caves set in low cliffs.  In one of these - a deep cave going right back under the cliff - was a blow-hole. (These are formed when the 'roof/ceiling' of the back of the cave collapses, making a hole in the top of..." [ more info ]


(B14), The Dangers of a Previously Good Ministry Falling Away, (S. Dobbs, Dec 20th, 2016): I saw that “a cloud of confusion had now been sent by the enemy to influence vision within this ministry... This cloud had entitlement to operate because a partial idol had already been created there, (“partial” because this wasn’t a full blown idol, there was an area of about a 1/6 of its size, near the middle section of this idol, where it was incomplete, missing and didn’t operate). This idol was reflected in thoughts such as; “I will be the way,” and “we are the ones who see.”  But Jesus alone is the way, the...  [ more info ]


(B12), How to Avoid Deception and Extreme Spiritual Attacks, (S. Dobbs 2009): This is part of a longer word that I received in 2003, which I would like to emphasise; “I saw that Satan had set traps in the future for those Christians who had wandered away from the route of loyalty to Jesus Christ and serving His purposes here on earth. I saw that Satan would be able to bring a clouding of the spiritual vision of such Christians, so that many of them would have great difficulty in discerning things in the future. The Lord was saying that we were about to enter into a period of history known as the "END TIMES."  more info ]


(B1), An End Times Revival and Falling Away, (C. Simpson, 1993): When the Apostles came and spoke of the Lord, they spoke of an age to come. They spoke of having tasted of the powers of the age to come. And they spoke of men and women coming from all corners of the earth and sitting in the Kingdom of God with the Lord Jesus... But many who heard them had their faith in the age that was and even though they said and professed that their faith was in the age to come as the age around them collapsed, so did their faith collapse, for they could not comprehend what was taking place. Though they had received the..." [ more info ]


(B11), Why God Allows Deception in the Church of the Western World - Humility, (S. Dobbs 2005): The Lord showed me a picture of a cube. This symbolised the global church. Above it I saw a layer of grey and off white coloured cloudy smoke. This moved down the left hand side of the cube and entered it from there. The smoke symbolised the influence of deception and to what degree this will influence the worldwide church in the future... Much of the inside of the cube was obscured by this smoke. The smoke was densest in the top right hand part of the cube moving across to its centre. From there..." [ more info ]


(B4), Walking Uphill (L. Duns): This message started to form in my heart whilst I was struggling as a Christian. I was walking uphill to church, finding the climb difficult and was passed by a young couple who were going downhill in the opposite direction. They looked like they had been drinking and were dressed in party clothes. Their walk downhill was easy. I continued walking uphill when the Lord spoke to me. He showed me my walk with Him and the difficulties I’ve experienced following Him at times. He also showed me that living your own life and following the worlds way can sometimes be..."  [ more info ] 


(B5), A dream describing the dangers of being a Christian yet not living fully for Christ (L. Duns): A few years ago the Lord gave me this dream as a word of encouragement to keep following Him during a difficult time. I saw a vision of many white houses on a beach; they were simple in structure with flat roofs. The people inside were warm and comfortable yet their homes were built on the sand. I saw that the tide could come in at any minute causing everything and everyone to perish... I perceived that the houses were built by people who had faith in Christ. They were good houses symbolised by their white colour." [ more info ]


(B6), The Spirit of Merchandising, (Debra & Marvin Westbrook, 2006): While in worship this morning, the Lord spoke these words to me: "I am removing a spirit of merchandising and the spirit of the merchant that has invaded My Church." This word is a call to leaders within the Body of Christ today to allow the Lord to purge this out of His temple, making it once again a house of prayer, not a den of thieves.... John 2:14-16 "And He found in the temple those who sold oxen and sheep and doves, and the money changers doing business. When He had made a whip of cords, he drove them all out of the temple... " [ more info ]


(B7), Humility Protects, (S. Dobbs, 1999): The Lord showed me four pictures. In the first I saw a soldier running into battle through a wood or forest. The enemy aircraft were not able to see him clearly through the tree cover and he therefore made a very difficult target. This symbolised a believer who had much prayer support from others following and serving God. This gave him a great deal of protection from enemy attack... The second picture was of the same soldier but out in the open plain. Here he was a much more visible target for the jet aircraft, from attacks from the enemy... In the next picture the soldier..." more info ]


(B9), Serving Gods Purposes Needs To Be Our Overriding Priority. (S. Dobbs 2002):  In 2002 the Lord showed me that in order to fulfil ones calling in God a person must have “serving the purposes of God” as their major priority in life. This must be greater than all their other desires and priorities put together. If this wasn’t the case then all their other desires and priorities will eventually combine to outweigh serving Gods purposes. They will then be led astray or distracted by these other priorities and fail to fulfil their calling in God. Ones heart has to be dominated by “serving the purposes of God” in order to fulfil ones..." [ more info ] 


(B3) The State of the Church in Britain, (D. L, 2005): The Lord gave me a dream ten years ago, although a lot of time has passed since I believe that it has as much relevance today as it did when I first received it... In the dream I found myself in a modern well equipped, brand new purposely built school. This school had the best facilities, equipment, and resources. I was being shown around the school by someone who I couldn’t see but who I believe represented the Lord. The school was packed full of adults who were not actually in class rooms learning but were standing in the corridors. They were there for..."  [ more info ]


(B8), The Corporate Anointing, (S. Dobbs 2003): In 2003 the Lord showed me that as individuals have different levels of anointing in Gods Spirit so there are different levels of corporate anointing on the churches of nations. This will vary depending on how the body of Christ in a nation has been submitting to Christ and serving the purpose of God overall. The sum of all the individual Christians walk with the Lord combined... After a period of time God will review this anointing to see if it should be increased or decreased depending on how much the body of Christ there is submitting to Him. If it is increased..." [ more info ] 

(B17), Why Didn’t Anyone in the Bible Ever Direct Prayer or Worship to the Holy Spirit? [Can this Open to Deception as Derek Prince Warned? Does a misreading of “three persons” and “three distinct persons” as “three separate persons” lie behind this?]. S. Dobbs, December, 2018: ... . I have attempted to explain why no one in the bible appears to have ever tried to direct prayer or worship to the Holy Spirit. I also sought to explain how this practice will open Christians to deception as Derek Prince warned. I believe that this unbiblical practice is one of the most insidious routes into deception today..."  [more info]