(B14) The Dangers, in this Season, of a Previously Good Ministry Falling Away, (S. Dobbs, Dec 20th, 2016).

This is a prophetic warning to a specific ministry that will remain anonymous here. Since this is, however, relevant to just about all of us, especially those in ministry and leadership, it could make useful reading.

As I prayed I saw that “a cloud of confusion had now been sent by the enemy to influence vision within this ministry.

This cloud had entitlement to operate because a partial idol had already been created there, (“partial” because this wasn’t a full blown idol, there was an area of about a 1/6 of its size, near the middle section of this idol, where it was incomplete, missing and didn’t operate). This idol was reflected in thoughts such as; “I will be the way,” and “we are the ones who see.”  But Jesus alone is the way, the truth and the gate.

I then saw a picture of the right side edge of a gate attached to a gatepost and fence, which was positioned between two fields. Someone in the closest field was trying to see through the gap between the gate and the gatepost, a small gap of just a few inches wide. Through this gap the fields beyond could be seen. I got the impression, though, that in the future, their intention was to travel through this gap, between the gate and the gatepost, to the field beyond. However, it was clear that this would be impossible because the gap was not wide enough for a person to pass through. I understood that it was only through the gate that the field ahead could be reached. And the gate was Jesus Himself.

A picture then appeared which had an elevated area of land on the left-hand side with lower lying land on the right. The land on the left was trying to heave itself upwards, heavenwards. This land imagined it was raised up above the other areas of land to the right of it. The higher land should have been doing the opposite though, and lowering itself downwards so it would become a valley… with the people that the land related to saying, instead, “we are non- entities.”

I then saw someone saying with certainty and conviction; “surely I am the one, the way and the gate?” However, the gate was Jesus Himself.

When viewing the future and considering the idea that the end times could be right ahead, from the perspective of the higher ground this was like viewing a “death zone” and “dead zone.” If one went just a little lower from that high ground position, though, it became obvious really, (that the end times were upon us).


Letting go of the higher ground, though, will result in thoughts such as “where am I going to go,” and “what then is my role?” There is, therefore, a reluctance to relinquish the place of high ground for one of lowliness. However, there are pitfalls associated with not doing so. There are other voices ministering “revival is coming,” (is imminent or about to arrive), that will come to ones ears… deceptive voices from the enemy.

Another picture appeared: A short stretch of land, again on the left side of the picture, which led to a cliff edge in the centre right of that picture. Anyone who travels in that direction/who is positioned or moving that way in the future can/will fall over that cliff edge into APOSTASY.* [I saw that word appear in capital letters hence that emphasis]. I saw that this was a very real possibility for any “Christian,” (in the UK), in the coming season.

Thoughts of “I am secure, I have my ministry” must, therefore, be abandoned. Delusions and lies will be ministered into the minds of those in the high places, on the higher land.

There are ambitions for the self, relating to ministry, which lie underneath this.

I then saw a picture of grey cobwebs in the foreground representing the present behind which memories could be seen of more varied and interesting times in ministry in the past.

I saw another picture with old, plain buildings in the background, silhouetted in shadows. The building to the centre right had just been used for a Christian meeting and its plain door was still slightly open. A crowd of about 25 people were still fellowshipping closely and informally with one another just outside that doorway, in the shadows. It was almost as if the meeting was still going on outside despite it having officially ended. In front of them was an area of sunlit concrete which a 60 – 65 year old black lady was crossing, dressed in a plain coat and wearing a head covering. She was making her way home from that same meeting. I got the impression that most of the people still fellowshipping in the crowd behind her were probably also from the black, Afro – Caribbean community in the UK but this was hard to tell as they were in the area covered by shadows in this picture.

I was shown that the self-ambition’s, (of the white leader and ministry over that congregation), had arisen there, from that time!

Thoughts will arise of, “have I wasted my life then?”

These words then appeared; “in the years to come the humble ones will be raised up in ministry.”

I then saw a picture of two railway tracks, one higher up than the other. That picture was accompanied by this message - switch tracks from the higher track of claiming to be the ones to the track of lowliness.

I was shown that great joyfulness will arise in the lowly valleys when true revival comes in the future… and that there will be a remnant firmly established in the land, in the UK.”


* Notes: In the past I have been shocked that, if correct, almost any UK “Christian” could, potentially, be led into apostasy in the coming season. [I’m putting the apparent paradox of Gods sovereignty to one side here]. From studying previous prophecies the mechanics of this would appear to work as follows: By buying into the deceptive false revival that will soon come upon the church anyone could receive a New Age, occult spirit and counterfeit anointing. [Genuine global revival will break out after the false revival and will come to the UK from Africa not from N. America where the fake revival will start]. Having received another spirit this can then work within ones soul, over time, to induce further error, cause confusion, compromise one’s faith,  cut one off from the scriptural certainties one once knew to be true, and then eventually cause one to doubt biblical truth and the validity of the gospel itself. This can even effect some who, only a short time before, may have been relatively strong in the word. Opening to these deceptions and occult spiritual powers in this present climate can at times almost overwhelm an individual - especially if their attitudes are not set right in the Lord. Ambition for ministry is a classic example of an attitude that these deceptive influences can latch on to. [We are all called to be servants of Jesus so any ambition to get anything from serving/ministry for ourselves is a serious sin in Gods Kingdom. And yet that is what our flesh will naturally gravitate towards, to such an extent that it often seems normal to us and, if we are honest, what we are all inclined towards. God is, however, rooting out self ambition in ministry as one of the primary things within his church as we head into the coming season, so we all need to be hyper vigilant and aware of this in ourselves. We all have inner wounds and needs that require fulfilling but ministry is about serving Jesus and others not a way of getting our own needs met. Neither should we expect rewards for serving God in this age, the rewards come when we make it to heaven]. I have also seen how Satan will sometimes send tailor made deceptions that he thinks a particular individual or group are most likely to accept. These usually promise them some form of ministry promotion or spiritual power anointing in the future. Even good watchmen can be deceived in this way, including those who would never accept the strange goings on we have seen in Toronto.

An example maybe what happened to David Wilkerson towards the end of his life. He spoke out for decades against the spiritual deception associated with the “Toronto Blessing.” However, when he accepted an invitation to preach at a Toronto linked church, (against the advice of many of his contemporaries), he was overcome by that very same spirit. The false anointing of laughter and semi drunkenness present in that meeting came upon him, he lost his self-control, (one of the fruits of the Spirit), was deceived and then claimed that it was from the Lord. This was in complete contradiction to all he had warned about in previous years. So in just a short space of time, and due to relatively little exposure, this other spirit had turned him into an advocate of this part of the very deceptive anointing he had been standing against as a watchman for decades. And most of us would consider him to have been a far better man of God than we are. [It may, therefore, be wise to test spiritual anointing’s from a distance, for e.g. by studying and praying about videos of them, rather than by attending such meetings where they could engulf one, and where the atmosphere and attitudes of others can sway your otherwise sound judgement, (unless, that is, the Holy Spirit specifically leads you to attend such a meeting to see and test such an anointing]. I think the example of David Wilkerson reflects the power of such deception. This deceptive power will be even greater in the larger all out wave of deception to come. David Wilkerson died in a car crash shortly after that experience which many believe was Gods mercy on him and his followers. He may have otherwise been led into deeper levels of error and deceptive anointing on the back of that experience. That is surely a lesson to us all and reveals how no one is secure in or of themselves, or due to their knowledge, from the spiritual powers of deception that can accompany false revivals. There is at present an increasingly popular counterfeit healing anointing and movement operating in some quarters of the church. We must test all things spiritual before receiving anything as 1 Jn 4. 1 states. Anyone could, potentially, be led into complete apostasy, over a period of time, if they make the initial mistake of receiving a false anointing or a false doctrine from such deceptive spiritual influences.  

There will also be many who will move in deceptions tailor made for them whilst still remaining able to point out the more obvious deception that others are moving in. In fact I believe the remnant in the UK will be whittled down by a second wave of more subtle deception and false teaching, after the main wave of deception, before a genuine global revival starts. This has already started to happen with one very influential watchman ministry from New Zealand that I was linked to. They still continue to point out the more extreme deceptive anointing within the weird manifestations from Toronto etc. whilst now moving in a more subtle, although equally dangerous, deceptive anointing themselves. It may be their pride and sense of infallibility that stops them from listening to any of the warnings from their colleagues about this. They now believe that they have been chosen to proclaim and promote a new form of improved/restored Christian anointing. This anointing is gradually becoming increasingly weird itself, though, over time. They may, hopefully, turn back from this error later on but have shown no signs of doing so to date. When the main wave of deception starts, (in the form of a powerful counterfeit revival), there may be little time and few opportunities for people to realise their error and turn from moving in a false spirit back to moving in Gods Spirit. Confusion will also reign amongst many as they continue to move in the Holy Spirit for a season whilst mixing this in with moving in an occult anointing as well.

The widespread acceptance of the Wembley Stadium event, in 2012, and its organiser’s false prophetic declaration that predicted that that meeting would ignite revival across the UK is evidence of just how prone to such deception Christians in the western world are in this season. If that false prophecy had been accompanied by a counterfeit power anointing much of the UK church could then have been swept into deception and ushered towards apostasy almost overnight. Thank God that didn’t happen, but something like that, or worse, is about to come upon the church of the western world fairly soon.

S. Dobbs, Dec 20th, 2016.