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A24), The Emergence of the Beast from the Sea in the World Today, (S. Dobbs, 200

A24) The Emergence of the Beast from the Sea in the World Today, the G8 Group of Nations, (S. Dobbs, 2003).

[Note; Feb 2022: Russia has since been expelled from the G8 group of nations. This word predicts it will be included again as part of the Beast Empire alliance before the very end. For many years Putin has been annoyed by the way the west has side-lined Rissia. I think the recent flexing of its might in the Ukraine will precipitate it gaining influence within this group once again, within a few years time, in line with this prophecy]. G7 evidence: Try this video on the UK and G7 plan that to introduce a digital currency and a Chinese style social credit system to control how we spend our money (credits), (link), 

I believe the Holy Spirit gave me the following four words in the spring of 2003. They came separately on four different occasions. I’ve tried to briefly explain the background to each of these words, (of how I perceived them), in order to help the reader weigh them up for themselves.

1. I was watching a news report on the television at the end of the second gulf war in Iraq. On the screen were pictures of some of the victorious coalition forces driving slowly down a road in tanks and other armoured vehicles. As I watched this scene I suddenly saw some words superimposed upon what I was observing in the natural. I believe this to have been from the Lord. The words I saw were “the dragon (satan) is behind the raising up of the coalition forces” and “this is an early stage of the rising up of the beast from the sea,” (the dragon/satan is referred to in Rev 13 v 2 and 12 v 3).

[I had not expected to receive a word on this subject and it left me feeling startled for several days. It had contradicted my opinions and world view I had held up until that time and left me feeling somewhat insecure in the world. Prior to this I had expected the beast from the sea to be a combination of the E.U and U.N. I had not anticipated that our own nation Britain, or the U.S.A, (the two main coalition forces in the gulf), would be at the heart of this. Nor had I expected this beast to start appearing in the world around us so soon].

2. Revelation 13 v 1 “And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns”, (K.J.V).

On another occasion I had been reading about this beast from the sea in the Book of Revelation and wondering what the above verse symbolised. I then got up and walked across to my kitchen. As I did so the Holy Spirit came upon me quite strongly and at that moment I received a revelation which I’m sure came from the Lord. Although I didn’t actually hear anything it was very clear, as if I’d almost heard the Lord audibly. The following is what was said to me. “The seven heads are seven nation states” and the “ten horns are ten leaders who will have authority in these seven nations.”

3. On a separate occasion I believe the Lord spoke the following to me; “all seven of these nations will be western styled democracies”.

4. Lastly I believe the Lord spoke to me on the same issue again, as I was watching another news program. Pictures were being shown of the leaders representing the G8 group of nations.  At that moment I believe the Holy Spirit told me  that; “the seven nations are already there”. I also received the impression and understood this to mean that the seven heads of the beast, (these seven nations), would be seven of the G8 nations.  [This would mean one of these eight nations will not have authority as part of this beast empire/coalition]. I believe the Lord showed me therefore that seven of this G8 group will join forces and become the seven heads of the beast from the sea.The G8 group of nations are; i) The USA,  ii) Great Britain,  iii) Italy,  iv) Germany,  v) France,  vi) Japan,  vii) Russia, viii) Canada. [Note 2017: Some time later in 2003 the Lord showed me that Canada would be excluded from power as one of these nations and so was not one of the seven heads on the beast, (I presume this was because it was the smallest and least significant of these G8 nations)].

From the first word I believe the USA and G.B will therefore be included as two of these seven heads of the beast. It is perhaps also of interest to note that the four leading E.U countries are all represented here in this G8 group, i.e. Germany, France, Great Britain and Italy.

S. Dobbs, Typed up in Aug 2004.


Notes, June 15th, 2020: Notes written 17 years after receiving the above word, revealing how I believe these things are panning out in the world around us today, including Brexit and the role of Donald Trump.

I believe that God showed me that the Brexit process, (which is not yet complete as the UK is still in negotiations during the transition period), along with  Trumps election to power in 2016 were Gods strategic moves to slow down the emergence of the Beast Empire of Rev 13. I understood that had these two things not happened the devil would have been able to bring about the Beast Empire, the New World Order/One world Government before parts of the global church were ready to stand against this in the way God has planned. In the main I think this involves a period of global revival followed by resistance to the beast empire form the two lampstands of Rev 11. God wants one last great witness for Christ to go out to the world, to bring in the end times harvest, before the Beast Empire gets its grip on power. God then wants parts of the church to be ready to stand against the beast empire as a further witness before Jesus returns. Christians will not stop the beast empire form emerging, as it is Gods will that biblical prophecy be fulfilled, but the body of Christ will oppose this empire as predicted. So the Brexit process and Trumps election are Gods strategic moves to ensure this happens, they buy time for God to prepare certain parts of the global body of Christ to fulfil these mandates.

If that word is true, (and test it for yourself), it suggests that had Donald Trump not won the last election and Hillary Clinton had become President instead, we could have seen the beast empire emerge in the world by now, (2020). It certainly appears that Obama, Clinton and today’s candidate, Joe Biden, are all signed up to the globalist agenda and are keen to see a political union between the USA and the E.U. My guess, based on what the bible predicts must happen before this, is that Trump will win another term in office before the beast empire finally takes global control. In reality there may even be a gradual coming together of these G8 nations before this empire fully emerges, a process with nations joining separately in stages, alternatively it could be like the forming of the original  EEC with them  all signing a treaty at once.

We can already see the growing influence of the globalists over our TV media, with them pushing whatever issues make globalism look like an attractive option. Examples are their twisting of climate change information, the exaggeration of death rates during the Coronavirus pandemic, encouraging all nations to lock down their economies which will increasing future debts and reducing the independence of nations from the global banking system. When a global government emerges it will have the power to forgive many of these national debt. We also know laws have already been passed in the UK and elsewhere in a move towards a cashless society. The constant barrage of attacks on Trump, (despite his faults), and Brexit, with nothing good ever being said about either, reveals just how much power the globalists have over our TV news, especially across Europe, the central territory of the E.U. I would suggest out TVs are now as controlled in Europe as was TV in Soviet Union in the past, the difference being that anyone who disagrees with the E.U globalist agendas are mocked and branded as a type of social heretic they call a “conspiracy theorist” who are all presented as crazy. Since when have alternative political ideas been derided in the western world like this?  Haven’t politicians and big businessmen always conspired for power? Why is it wrong to think some may be doing the same thing today?  And should Christians be gaining information from the world news that we know is under the power of the influence of the prince of the power of the air? Furthermore the Books of Revelations, (especially Ch 13), and Daniel repeatedly warn us about just such a conspiracy, the move towards a One World Government. The symbolic imagery is very dramatic though, so it’s important to think about how this may all look in the real world in the lead up to this.

Many may not like or trust Trump but he is pulling against this globalists agenda, (and appears to be aware of it), he is also  supportive of Israel and Christianity, some believe he has even recently become a Christian although I’m not so sure, (that would only make him a young Christian though). I expect that most US Christians were praying for a more godly leader but if God could use leaders like Cyrus or Nebuchadnezzar in the past He can certainly use Trump despite his narcissistic traits which are nowhere as extreme as Nebuchadnezzar’s. Many Religious Jews expect Trump to oversee the building of the third Jewish Temple within the next few years, (after the Gog of Magog War, Ez 38),  as King Cyrus oversaw the building of the second Temple in the past. Trump is, after all, the first US President to place a US embassy in Jerusalem which the US now accept as the official undivided capital of Israel.  

Trumps election plus the Brexit referendum process may explain why the above prophecy predicts that the beast empire will be formed from the G8 group of nations not the E.U. I expect that the E.U was the devils first choice but this has now been weakened by Brexit and Trumps opposition to the E.U. The three main E.U nations of Germany, France and Italy still remain central as they are part of the G8, as is the UK which will be drawn back into a central role with them even if it fully leaves the legal derestriction of the E.U, and of course the USA is already the most powerful nation in the G7/8. The inclusion of Japan to this alliance, which is also already a G8/7 member, is an added advantage as it has the world’s third largest economy. That only leaves Russia which has recently been expelled from the G8 due to Putin’s opposition to and clash with western interests around the world but I would expect Russia to be invited back as a member  of the G8 group of nations within the next few years. Although G.D.P has shrunk to the size of Italy’s it would not be in the others interests to have continual opposition from the world’s second most potent nuclear power. Russia, on its own could destroy the world several times over. A thawing of relations between Russia and the present G7 group is, therefore, something to watch out for. The cultural foundations of Russia has are European, historically, populated by those of the same race as the west and it has the same problems with Islamic terrorism too. I am arguing here that the G8 grouping, predicted to form the beast empire in the prophecy above, back in 2003, makes perfect rational sense.

If these seven G8 nations, (eight minus Canada), formed a political then economic and military alliance/empire the New Roman Empire with toes of iron and clay as described in Daniels prophecy, in Ch 2, would then have come to pass. The western European nations in the G8 were all once ruled by the first Roman Empire, which was based in Italy’s capitol, Rome, for centuries after the fall of that Empire they then remained under the religious and political influence of the Roman Catholic Church and its Popes. Within decades after the capture of Constantinople by Mehmed II of the Ottoman Empire on 29 May 1453, some Eastern Orthodox people were nominating Moscow as the "Third Rome", or the "New Rome," so it would not be surprising if the New Roman Empire in Daniels prophecies included Russia too.

With the formation of this G8 alliance only China would then have any power to resist. Whilst China is the world’s second biggest economy and third biggest nuclear power it is no match for the nuclear arsenals or military power of the USA, Russia, Japan, France and the UK combined. China is also dependent on the west for trade. I’m sure the N.W.O Globalists already have a plan to deal with China. Most nations across E. Europe have already fallen under the influence of the E.U which would back up this alliance. With no other nation in Asia, S. America or Africa able to resists either this G7/8 group  could become the Global Government of the world quite easily. The scripture “Who is like unto the beast? Who is able to make war with him?” (Rev 13; 4) appears relevant here. In fact a global Government would have to be based on the west since the USA will continue to have nuclear weapons for many decades to come even if it were to fall economically. The USA would be able to resist any other form of empire, therefore, into the foreseeable future. The USA has to, therefore, be central to the beast empire if the end times are to take place within the next 50 years or so.

Whilst militant Islam could cause trouble for the west, especially if terrorists got their hands on nuclear material from Pakistan, Iran or S. Korea, but they couldn’t militarily subdue or control the west, they are merely disrupters and don’t even have any central command structure. We have to wonder if the wests policy towards many of the Islamic nations in recent decades, i.e. the USA and UK’s invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq and then the wests encouragement and support of uprisings and civil wars across several other Islamic nations, (e.g. Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Syria), and leaving these in a constant state of civil war and semi anarchy afterwards, is part of a deliberate strategy to undermine the power of these Islamic nations leaving them impotent to resist a western led One World Government in the future? Daniels prophecy, Ch 2, describes the previous Roman Empire as having the power of iron in it, “for as iron breaketh in pieces and subdueth all things; and as iron that breaketh all these,” (Dan 2;40), so the last Beast Empire has the same iron in it, “there shall be in it of the strength of the iron,” (Dan 2; 41). Could this represent the crushing destruction those Islamic nations that the western powers has encouraged and supported be reflected here? And could the iron being mixed with clay represent the weaknesses that exists in a G8 alliance of democratic nations that did not exist under the dictatorships of Rome under its Caesars.

There’s another possible parallel here; The Roman Empire didn’t start out as a dictatorship, it had a form of democracy copied from the Greek Empire before it. Decisions were originally made by Senators who had to receive others support to come to power. Likewise the beast empire in Revelations isn’t ruled by the antichrist as its dictator until the very end, the last hour. Whilst, according to Daniel, the antichrist rises to enough power to make a  peace treaty with Israel for 7 years, (Dan ??), the beast Empire itself does not rule the entire world until the last 3.5 years. And the antichrist doesn’t rule the beast empire until the final “one hour,” (Rev 17; 12), after the ten leader/kings of the empire choose to give all their power to him, in much the same way as happened in the previous Roman Empire historically. That “one hour” has to, therefore, be less than the total 3.5 years of the beast empire existence, so it maybe just months or perhaps the last year or so before the return of Christ’s. I don’t think that the antichrist probably becomes overall dictator until “he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God,” (2 Thess 1; 4), which must happen after Israel is invaded by all the nations of the world at the battle of Arrmagedon, (not to be confused with the Gog of Magog war of Ez 38  which Israel wins), just prior to the return of Christ. This could possibly be when the mark of the beast is also introduced, since it is called “the number of a man,” (Rev 13; 18), and is, therefore, unlikely to be introduced before that man is chosen as the future leader and dictator. So what we could be looking at is the emergence of democratic beast empire up until that point. It would make rational sense, from the devils point of view, to bring things about this way. First he could brings about political union between the G8 group of nations, (omitting Canada, so only 7 have authority as the 7 of the beast). The Luciferian’s already have plans to divide the USA into four so it would then be represented by four leaders in this alliance. The six other nations would each be represented by one leader, 6 + 4 = 10, the ten horns of the beast in Rev 13. Surely this supports the whole G8 prophecy above from 2003?

The beast empire could, therefore, emerge surreptitiously, arousing minimal concern, through the existing democratic voting systems within those seven G8 nations. Initially few people are going to expect those leaders are going to start operating as the oppressive beast empire. We all know how good most politicians are at acting though, at hiding their true intentions and character.  Over the next two years or so the authoritarian and controlling tendencies within this empire would become increasingly evident. This would be matched by the spiritual climate darkening as white magic influences called upon by those involved in the interfaith movement, (the One World Religion undergirding this global empire), reveal themselves to be darker and darker. The nature of the people within these nations and the world will be darkened as these forces worsen. Oppression of all those who go against the unity and good of mankind would become more and more acceptable. Laws introduced to enforce this. The first leaders of the empire replaced by more extreme ones, the ten Kings. The next elections would probably be synchronised across those seven nations, during its 3.5 year reign. The people of these nations get what they vote for, probably green politicians who lie and make false promises about how they are able to control the climate and bring about world peace. The ten final kings elected all then give their power over to a single man, the antichrist, probably without the foreknowledge of the voters. So this authoritarian system is likely to sneak up on us like thick mist on a darkening night, to the point where it is then too late. Everyone will then eventually be forced to accept the mark of the beast. There will be no official access to food, housing, jobs or anything else without this mark in a cashless society. They already have the technology ready to be put in place. And isn’t this the way we would expect the devil to work, slyly, slippery, deceptively, first  he gets a harmless looking foot in the door, then eases his way in until his influence is oppressive and brings death?

Watch out for the media, especially the TV News which the globalists plan to use to influence the minds of the population into accepting their future moves. The present leaders of these G8 nations may be fairly benevolent with plans to help mankind, to protect western values within a new global system for perpetuity. They may be acting now whilst the west still has the power and global influence to bring this about, before China becomes too much of a rival, before Islamic terrorists start obtaining nuclear material. The final leaders of the G8 alliance, the ten kings, will be hardliners, though, persecutors of Christians, people with occult roots who will give all their power and authority over to a fake messiah.

There will be big globalist’s organisations manoeuvring their people into position for this already, I would suggest the Jesuit Order and the Freemasons in particular.  The Jesuits now have full control of the Catholic Church and its vast wealth. Pope Francis, a Jesuit himself, will be in subordination to their Order. As I understand it, the Catholic Church and Jesuits were behind the setting up of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. They could entice other nations into compliance through providing loans or the cancellation of national debts. The Freemasons are also in control of much of the banking system. Their power will increase if we have another financial crisis and economic recession/depresion They have to move from the present democratic foundation within these 7 nations, though, and will be focussing on controlling the media in line with Alice Baileys strategy, (a Luciferian and 33rd degree female Freemason, who coined the phrase “New Age,” and appears to have been the main evangelist for what is really the Freemason’s New Age Movement. The Freemasons have a boring untrustworthy image problem, they are known to include the rich 1 presenters. Their organisation is far less attractive to the youth of today than that of an “independent” female mystic, who, along with others, was always working secretly on their behalf. These globalist political manoeuvres are happening around us today within our G8 nations today. They have been in the pipeline within these secretive organisation for hundreds of years. It is only in today’s more globalist’s world that their plans appear to be coming to pass, within Gods sovereignty.

We saw, during Brexit, how the T.V media is largely under the globalist’s control already. This has become even more evident and extreme during the Coronavirus pandemic as dissent is quashed, any idea that doesn’t line up with the status quo is mocked as a conspiracy theory, even though the death figures have been twisted and exaggerated, probably to secure an economic lockdown, possibly in the hope another recession/depression will help the b introduce a cashless society? The lockdown also interferes with the Brexit negotiations which the E.U are now wanting to delay for another two years before the UK can fully leave the E.U’s grip. Most significantly, though, the lockdown in the USA ruins Trumps otherwise good record on the economy and on unemployment. I daresay the globalists hope this will spoil his chances of winning the election in November, (2020). If Biden gets in the plans for a New World Order will be back on track, the same way as they would have been had Hillary Clinton won four years ago. I think Trump will get in again, though, in Gods providence. Presidents, however, can only have two terms in office. After Trumps Presidency we could then see the G8 quickly transform into the empire that rules the world which we are warned about in Rev 13. But I doubt these moves will be obvious to most, they could be as slick as a snake sliding through long grass. It is, after all, the devil, not the mind of man, that is really behind these plans.

It is not only many E.U politicians and US democrats that are following and supporting this globalist strategy to birth New World Order. President Bush Senior openly advocated this in a speech in 1990. I expect the majority of Republicans secretly support this agenda. Trump is a maverick, a political outsider, he isn’t part of the deep state or status quo. He has clearly slowed down this process towards global governance. At first glance this was extremely surprising since it looked as though those with this globalist agenda had politics sown up by the time Obamas second term. However, in the build up to Trumps candidacy there was a schism between the Freemasons and the Jesuits for control of the powerful Knights of Malta organisation and it was probably this that allowed Trump into power. These two powerful organisations have so influenced politics, with each backing and promoting their own candidates that it appears almost impossible for an outsider to break through. To be a candidate you need backers and funding and there are all sorts of dark games that take place with each groups control or influence of the various news outlets and media. The strangest thing then happened in the build up to the election in 2016, part of the deep state, the F.B.I turned against Hillary Clinton, by publically announcing they would be investigating her email server. Hillary Clinton, along with her husband Bill Clinton, have always been backed, and I would say “in the pockets of” the Jesuits. From some of his early triangular hand postures pictures it appeared that Trump was aligned and had the support of the Freemasons. Normally the Jesuit Order and the Freemasons are allies as they have both been seeking a One World Government, this New World Order, for centuries. However, the Freemasons made a bid around this time to take over leadership of the Catholic Order of the Knights of Malta, which was only thwarted by the intervention of the Pope. [There are many Freemasons and past presidents within this Order as it is one of the most politically powerful groups in the world. Note many top evangelical Christian leaders are also members, so beware]. This schism within the Knights of Malta suggests to me that the Freemasons were jockeying for power with the Jesuits over who would dominate the coming N.W.O. It appears that the Freemasons wanted to block the Jesuits candidate, Hillary Clinton from winning. This was probably how the mechanics of the politics played out, the real reason Trump was able to win an astonishing victory against all the odds was because God was behind this. The Lord wanted to slow down the move towards the One World Government, the Beast Empire, to buy more time to prepare parts of the church to stand firm against this during the last 3.5 years. This schism, though, is yet another sign of just how close we are to this Rev 13 scenario suddenly appearing in the world around us.

[This next long section in brackets could be skipped but there is a point to it. I think of the globalist’s deceptive plans and beliefs as being like a long winding river or weed, snaking its way through history, starting off with Gnosticism, the Knights Templar, Freemasons and the Jesuit Order, the Illuminati, eventually arriving at today’s form of globalist belief, after changing somewhat en-route, eventually to arrive at Rev 13. They have been deceived by the devil which explains why they are so anti-Christian in their approach and attitude: I’ve done a lengthy study on this, i.e. the spirituality of both the Jesuits and the Freemasons, what follows is written off the cuff from this:  Both the Freemasons and the Jesuit Order originally harked back to the Gnosticism of the Knights Templar. The Freemasons will have been closely associated with the Templars during the crusades. The Jesuits were founded by Ignatius of Loyola to lead the anti-reformation against all Protestant denominations, on behalf of the Pope. Loyola had converted to Catholicism under threat of torture after being arrested by the Inquisition for being a member of a Spanish occult group called the Illuminati, meaning the illuminated ones. The name plus the fact Loyola had previously been a soldier suggests to me that he adhered to the same form of Knights Templar “Christian” Gnosticism that the Freemasons adopted. So there were then two main gnostic groups operating in the western world, one operating covertly from within the Catholic Church as the Jesuit Order, the other outside Catholicism and seen as enemies by the Popes, the Freemasons. We can see, therefore, why these two groups work hand in hand, most of the time, towards a N.W.O.

The (“Christian”) Gnostics have always believed they are the true followers of Christ and rightful rulers of the earth on Gods behalf. The Knights Templar are known to have adopted the Gnosticism of the Bolognaise as they crossed Bulgaria on their way to Jerusalem. This was a continuation of that C4th form of “Christian” Gnosticism that had been carried on, secretly underground due to persecutions from the Catholic Church throughout history. “Christian” Gnosticism first started in the C2nd, though,  as what is thought to have been Babylonian Gnosticism was mixed in with Christianity. Personally I think this probably entered parts of the church as bible seminaries were set up in the C2nd to train Christian scholars and future leaders. These students learnt Greek in order to study the New Testament. It is recorded that some seminaries became very intellectual and became overly impressed by the past Greek Philosophers including Plato, who they then studied as part of their theology. Plato had studied Babylonian Gnosticism from a philosophical perspective because it had a good answer to the age old question of; “how can a loving God have created a world so full of death suffering and pain?”  It doesn’t appear that Plato was familiar with the Old Testaments answer to that question since this is even better and makes more rational sense, i.e. the fall of man and man being cut off from God by his sin.

Babylonian Gnosticism appears to be based on a Hindu styled godhead, within which the great loving God of Heaven is unknowable but does reveal himself by subdividing into many lesser gods, goddesses, numerous other deities and lesser spirits in a pyramid structure descending down to angels, demons and human beings at the bottom, all of whom are thought to be part of God himself not created beings as the bible teaches. The Babylonian mystery schools appear to have mixed this deceptive view of the godhead in with their teaching on how to progress and evolve spiritually as an individual, by moving upwards through this pyramid system of levels of spirits to one’s full realisation of their own deity. They claimed that this was achieved by acquiring Gnosis, spiritual revelation, which was not only knowledge but also involved an encounter with the spirits that were on the level above one. This movement upwards, by acquiring spiritual knowledge from a guru, superior person or a spirit who is further up the pyramid than oneself, and, therefore, able to bestow this knowledge, (Gnosis), on one parallels the way Freemasonry works with people advancing up the 33 degrees/levels within the pyramid of spiritual knowledge. This differs to Hinduism itself which has over a hundred different paths and practices that can be followed to achieve “enlightenment.” One of these paths was set up by Buddha, i.e. Buddhism, and focuses on an attempt to die to the self, (through the self-effort practice of meditation, though, it must be said). Within Gnosticism the material world and universe are said to be a delusion created by the offspring of a goddess named Sophia who gave birth to the demiurge, a faulty spirit or god, a powerful demon, called the Maker and Creator of the Universe. The demiurges objective was to deceive and imprison the spirits of human beings inside this material universe and our physical bodies and then keep people within hades, in order to usurp their spiritual authority and power for his own purposes.

When these Gnostic beliefs became mixed in with Christianity, to form “Christian” Gnosticism, those people were deceived and started teaching that Jehovah, the creator of the physical earth and universe, the God of the Jews, was the demiurge, this evil lesser god or demon taught about by Plato, So they mistook Jehovah for the real Satan. They taught that the Jews and religious Christians, were the demiurges prisoner’s. They believed that the Old Testament had been reversed to deceive people into thinking they were mortal instead part of the eternal God himself. Jesus was still seen by these “Christian” Gnostics as a saviour, a manifestation of the Great, Loving God of Heaven but they thought Jesus had had died on the cross not to forgive sins but to pay the price to break into the physical universe to give humans Gnosis. Historically “Christian” Gnostics saw the New Testament, on the other hand, as the greatest source of Gnosis, not its plain teachings, though, they believed that Gnosis had to be spiritually gained from scripture by revelation of the secret messages the N/T contained. Many “Christian” ministers are secret Gnostics today, especially within the neo – charismatic streams within the western world. Because Gnostics believed the O/T had been reversed by the demiurge/Jehovah, they were deceived into thinking that Satan, i.e. Lucifer, was also a manifestation of the True God of Heaven, a benevolent spirit/manifestation of God, who had come prior to Jesus, to give mankind, Adam and Eve, Gnosis to help them escape entrapment in the demiurges material universe and delusion of death. [Although “Lucifer” shouldn’t really be used a name because it is a description of Satan as “light bearer” but was left as “Lucifer” in the Latin and then many later translations). So “Christian” Gnostics believe, (in varying degrees as each has their own take on this), that there is an unknowable, great loving God who made Heaven, the demiurge they think is Jehovah,  (the evil lesser deity who made the physical universe, human bodies and hades). They believe that Jesus is one of the greatest manifestations of the unknowable God of Heaven. They accept all sorts of other deities and spirits which they think are all manifestations of God too, (this explains why Gnostics are open to the interfaith movement and its belief that there are many ways to God).They mistake Lucifer/the devil in the O/T as a manifestation of God, who they think was also sent to minister Gnosis to help human beings. Many Gnostics see Lucifer as Jesus’ brother or even an incarnation of Jesus himself.  

This explains why the Knights Templar were thought to worship both Lucifer and Jesus and why they were accused of devil worship, (which led to their disbandment). This explains the original beliefs of the Freemasons and probably also of Ignatius Loyola and his occult Illuminati group, founder of the Jesuits latter on. This also explains the beliefs of Luciferian Alice Bailey, the 33 degree female Freemason who helped set up the New Age Movement on behalf of the Freemasons. It explains why so many New Agers are tolerant or supportive of the idea that Lucifer is a good spirit sent to free mankind from the imprisoning moral and religious rules of Judaism or Christianity and other religions.

Whilst most New Agers today believe in a form of this Gnostic mysticism Freemasonry pre-existed this and its earlier members went through the age of enlightenment with its focus on science in the C18th. Atheism then became a popular belief. Whilst Freemasonry has kept the same structure, based on the 33 degrees of spiritual enlightenment, it is unlikely that many of its top leaders today, the big businessmen, bankers and politicians, actually believe in any of this still. So whilst todays Freemasonry still appears to be based on spiritual mystical beliefs it is probably really led by atheists and agnostics. Most probably believe in the spiritual power of the mind but view religions and New Age beliefs as no more than a way to unlock the power of the self from one’s own mind. Interestingly this would have been the view of the Gnostics in different form anyway.

The same is probably true of the leadership of the Jesuit Order. Pope Francis is a second tier Jesuit, (so is in submission to the leader of the Jesuits often referred to as the Black Pope), and has made several comments that certainly suggest he definitely isn’t a Christian.  There are ordinary Christian Jesuit priests out there but I think we can assume that those who are allowed to rise to the top of the Jesuit Order will have the same beliefs as their founder, Ignatius of Loyola, i.e. Illuminati beliefs. Or rather they will be those who promote such beliefs instead of Christians biblical beliefs as in reality, as with Freemasonry, most will be atheists today. So although it may have changed over time the general sway of spiritual beliefs within the upper ranks of the Jesuit Order appears to have probably always been similar to that within Freemasonry. This explains why both of these groups often work and mingle together as they pull in the same direction towards a New World Order and One World Government which they both want to control.

The Jesuit Order openly admitted that its main, original, official purpose was to lead the anti-reformation against Protestantism. This was undertaken by training and sending many undercover agents into protestant seminary colleges, to train as protestant leaders, in the hope that they would rise to the top and then take those protestant denominations back under the authority of the Pope.  This has failed historically but is showing some signs of success today within the growing ecumenical movement. The Popes have always believed that everyone needs partake of the Eucharist in order to be a part of the body of Christ of which the Pope is the Father, Gods the Vicar on earth. Whilst we can have unity with ordinary Catholics this is impossible with the catholic leadership whilst they maintain that belief. Considering the secret Illuminist occult beliefs of Ignatius of Loyola it is extremely likely that he and his companions first objective was to take control of the Catholic Church itself, by infiltrating some of its agents into the Other Catholic Orders, as it was the catholic Church which had persecuted people of his beliefs for hundreds of years. Such a secret network, as in Freemasonry, has great advantages. An undercover Jesuit agent will progress up the hierarchy, be it within another Catholic Order or within for e.g. politics or business, not only from his own efforts but also with the assistance of every other Jesuit who can be told by their superiors to support them. So the Jesuit Order is a bit like a weed sending its roots out into the Catholic Church, through both open Jesuit Priest but also undercover priests pretending to be members of other Catholic Orders, also infiltrating protestant denominations with its undercover agents, as well as out into secular society by infiltrating politics, big business, banking etc. with other agents who are secretly Jesuit operatives. This may sound like an extreme conspiracy theory but is really pretty much common knowledge to anyone looks into Jesuit history. A branch of the Jesuits also started operating as a replacement for the Spanish Inquisition. In many ways they could be likened to both an ordinary Order as well as the secret service of the Catholic Church which, however, really operates according to its own agenda and beliefs not those of bible believing Catholics. In the same way as he secret service in Britain is known to have been infiltrated by Russian aligned agents who helped each other to some of the top positions in the 1960’s so the Jesuit order operates at a larger, global level due to the financial backing of the Catholic Church. Even the openly Jesuit priesthood section is by far and away the largest order within Catholicism and this was only the Orders secondary function. Whilst we have the first openly Jesuit Pope today it is extremely likely that undercover Jesuits have emerged as undercover Popes in the past. This may explain why Pope John Paul II oversaw interfaith meetings back in the 1970’s , link, within which he called for leaders of all the religions present , including pagan witches and spiritualists, to pray together to the same one true god. No genuine Christian could do that.

The Jesuits also run many universities and colleges from where they can sound out student’s beliefs and approach appropriate ones as recruits to their cause, (I don’t think the Freemasons are as advanced in this). You will find that many of the top globalist’s politicians have attended Jesuit run colleges. There will be other colleges where undercover Jesuit lecturers will work and these will also act as recruiting grounds.  I think Tony Blair may have had such connections, he was very globalist and pro the E.U. he made a sudden ascent to the very top of the labour party whilst still very young, and as soon as he left office he became a Catholic and had audience with the Pope. The Freemasons also make such connections, Macron in France suddenly appeared as a leading politician from nowhere, after working for the Rothschild’s who are high ranking Freemasons. Both organisations send their tentacles of control and influence into all aspects of society and both have been working towards a One World Government for hundreds of years now. We shouldn’t underestimate the influence they now have. Even at the lower levels one Freemason will be obliged to help another, for e.g. a lawyer may pull out of a prosecution case because their Freemason connections and obligations are called upon by another Freemasons, judges who are Freemasons may sometimes be swayed in the same way, business men help each other out, perhaps illegally with illegal anti competition agreements between oligarchs. So long as someone is lined up with the same basic One World Government agenda they could be a potential recruit to one of these networks.

As mentioned the Clintons are known to have been backed by the Jesuits, have been helped to power by them and then been obliged to pull according to the globalist political agenda. This is one way to get forward in life and business. Many actors and actresses become aligned, they don’t have to be Catholics or Freemasons to start with. These organisations will then assist their careers, get them into top roles, and then expect some repayment, such as support for globalist movement issues to help sway public opinion in favour of these. They are particularly keen on controlling the media, especially the T.V News Stations as well as popular culture. It’s no coincidence that so many young female pop artists are also acting as evangelists for globalists issues, most of which clash with Christianity. If someone was an aspiring actor or pop singer with no set religious views why wouldn’t they take advantage of the networks that are out there even if they are secretive and somewhat dubious at times? This is often the only way people can rise to the top. The hidden support networks, the handshakes and backhanders this is the way all societies work and always have worked. It is naive to think otherwise. The Freemasons and the Jesuit Order have been operating like this within western society for hundreds of year. This has made this all the more advanced here, the networks are deeply entrenched. I even heard M.P Jacob Rees-Mogg accuse some of the Remainer’s of being linked to the “Illuminati” when he stood in for Boris Johnson at question time in 2019. He wasn’t joking.  Most of the public are ignorant of this sort of thing, but then they would be as they are not linked to any of these secretive groups. They operate in darkness most of the time, this is one of the keys to their success. Why should anyone be surprised at this, we are living in a world that is overseen by the prince of darkness and we all have sinful natures that try to get us to line up with his ways.  We would be naive to think everything is as it appears on the surface. We all know politicians crave air time and good reviews because in a democracy that is a way to increase their popularity.

Not all conspiracies theories are true but some are. Those that conspire want us to believe that all conspiracy theories are ridiculous because that way they can continue to conspire in secret, uninterrupted by public scrutiny. The Jesuits Order and the Freemasons are the two organisations of this type that I am aware of, there may be others but those appear to be the main ones. Both of these have their tentacles imbedded deeply in western civilization, and both seek a One World Government and are earnest in pursuit of that agenda.  This parallels the way in which Christians operate, although we do so openly. We form into mutually supportive groups, churches, where individuals work together to follow and promote similar agendas, and then link up for higher issues with other groups such as praying for Brexit. The globalists are just as dedicated but in the opposite direction, unwittingly pushing the devils agendas, having already been deceived by him.  As mentioned even most Satanists and Luciferians don’t believe in the devil, especially not those higher up the ladder. After he became a Christian even Anton LaVey, (who set up the Church of Satan in 1966), said he used to be an atheist. It is obvious to anyone who takes the time to observe that there is a conspiracy to bring about a Global Government going on at present. It can’t be stopped buy the process can and has been slowed down. We can warn and pray as many people aren’t sucked into this as possible, especially other Christians, and that the maximum number of people get saved instead. I think we’ve got about 4.5 years before it becomes a reality.

Many Jesuit agents were sent undercover to infiltrate politics within the Western European nations in the C18th, so much so that most western monarchs, led by the French King, complained about their meddling to the Pope and had the Jesuit Order officially disbanded in 1773. It is unlikely they were really disbanded, though, as they reappeared again later. Napoleon became involved in persecuting the Illuminati, (which I think is a branch of the Jesuit order for reasons mentioned), because it was thought to be infiltrating the Freemasonry Orders and so was he with his agents. There are documents from the time that discuss this, that can be found online, and the big controversy was that this group sought global dominion and was seen as a very real threat. Is it any surprise that the globalist cause has advanced, gained an even greater hold on society and is that much closer to completion today? The U.S. Dollar has the same symbol on the back of it that the Illuminati of Napoleons day was using and a global Government, such as they even sought back then is perhaps the main thing the Book of Revelations warns us about. There is a reason for the warning, so Christians don’t get deceived and caught out by this.  We have had a four year delay caused by Trumps Presidency. If he gets in again and the E.U already having been weakened by the Brexit process to date, I think we will see a change in emphasis from a political alignment between the E.U and USA to the G8 group of nations, with Russia being brought back in from the cold. Everything that is predicted to happen in the Book of Revelations before the last 3.5 years could take place in Trumps next 4 year term if he gets elected. Until the Gog of Magog war starts, though, and the associated biblical timeline becomes apparent, I don’t think we can be certain. Israel, as in the past, as always, therefore, lies at the centre and heart of these global events.


* Footnote: Climate change: The globalist want us to believe that if they gain power they can control the climate and stop it changing. Here’s an example of how they twist the figures. I am using the figures that most people accept, not the more exaggerated figures that some have been suggesting more recently.  Firstly a T.V News item may show pictures of a factory bellowing out thick black smoke from its chimney. We all agree that all such pollution is bad and should be reduced. Then they will say something like “man release of CO2’s is driving climate change and must be reduced.” They may then refer to the correct figures but use them in a deceptive way; for e.g. state quite correctly that whilst man is only releasing 3 % of the total CO2’s each year this adds up year on year. However, they fail to mention the fact that CO2’s only account for 8% of total Greenhouse gases, so man’s CO2’s only represent 3% of 8% of all greenhouse gasses each year. 3 % of 8% is only 0. 24% each year which is negligible. So if we stopped 100% of our carbon releases each year it would make very little difference overall. It certainly wouldn’t stop the climate changing. The climate is never in a state of equilibrium as they imply anyway. We are constantly swinging between ice ages on a long term cycle. The planet is presently in the middle of a mini ice age cycle when the climate is supposed to be at its warmest. For most of earth’s history there has been no ice covering Greenland. The media also often mention that the seas are warming up and imply this is because mankind is raising the temperature of the atmosphere above with our release of CO2’s.  They fail to mention that the seas are warming from below not from the skies above, from the release of magma, through volcanic vents along where the tectonic plates meet on the seabed’s.  Molten lava is gushing out of volcanic vents and boiling the seas around them. This heat then gradually spreads upwards but is hottest below near the vents on the sea floor. This isn’t caused by man. The globalist media don’t mention this because there doesn’t appear to be anything they can do about this so they focus on CO2’s instead. The warming of the oceans from these volcanic vents is a far bigger issue though, as it results in more water evaporating from the seas. Water vapour makes up 90% of greenhouse gasses. Furthermore, when the seas reach a certain temperature they will suddenly start to release all the other greenhouse gasses that are stored within them.  This release will eclipse anything man is releasing today. So there is no way in which mankind can control the climate or stop it changing, the natural forces involved are far too great. The sun is the main source of the earth’s heat and one large solar flare could destroy the planet. The globalists are deceiving people by giving the impression that if we all came together we could stop the climate changing or stop global warming. They know that this is nonsense but are using the issue for political capitol.

The bible warns us that the sun will scorch the earth with heat in the very last days. Eventually, at the very end, all the trees and grass will be burnt up, and all the seas turned to blood, (as everything in them dies). We should reduce pollution whilst we are still here but to claim man can control the climate is basically a lie. The fact that so many people believe that message reveals just how much control those with a globalist agenda have over people’s minds through their control of the of the media, particularly the T.V News. Trump is probably not a very nice man but we need to be careful what we are told about him through the media. For example the BBC cut and edited a video and added comments to it that made it look as though Trump had announced that we should all inject bleach to cure coronavirus. In the full 40 min version it is clear that he never said any such thing, and it was the BBC that did this. Trump was also mocked for claiming that a malaria drug can be used to help cure people of coronavirus if taken early enough. There is evidence that this is true when it is taken with zinc. Globalists tested it without zinc in order to mock Trump. Likewise we all know about “Project Fear” during Brexit. The UK was predicted by almost all international bodies to experience every type of economic calamity if we voted to leave the E.U. In reality nothing happened at all and three years later we were doing better economically than either Germany or France. This was despite the uncertainty and disruption caused by Brexit. The only new economic problems arise have been due due to the lockdown for the coronavirus that appears to be another issue being manipulated and used to promote the globalists causes. The globalists now appear to be in control of almost everything. It is a literal miracle that the UK was able to start leaving the E.U and that a non- globalist (or anti – globalist), managed to become President of America. Predictions must come to pass though, so this season of Gods sovereign delay won’t last forever.

S. Dobbs, 19th June 2020.




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