X) ***HIDDEN*** E.U. 12 Days to Pray for the Dutch General Election, on March 15th, (S. Dobbs, 3rd March 2017):

There are 12 days left to pray for the General Election in the Netherlands, on March 15th. Wilders and his PVV, (anti E.U), Party are already expected to win the most seats in that election. The problem is that, at present, none of the other parties are willing to support or be a part of a PVV led coalition government. However, this is possible as there are no other obvious alternatives.

I believe that the Holy Spirit showed me that, on the back of relatively little prayer so far, God had already made some moves to assist the PVV form potential alliances. God is extremely keen to move more, to complete this, so that the PVV can then lead a Dutch coalition Government after the election.  I don’t believe it will take that much more earnest prayer, from that many Christians, over the next two weeks, to secure all the alliances that are needed. The PVV will then, almost certainly, call for a referendum on the Netherlands leaving the E.U. There is a very good chance of that succeeding, i.e. of a “Nexit” then occurring. Just having the PVV in power will be enough to seriously weaken the E.U institution. Imagine the impact of a “Brexit” followed by a “Nexit!” The 12 days left to pray for this are enough.

God showed me that there is already a hole in a dam that symbolises the E.U project. God is extremely keen for us to realise this, for us to wake up to the huge prayer opportunity presenting itself due to the vulnerability now facing the entire E.U project. A small hole already appearing in a dam suggests that continuing water pressure can now quickly enlarge that hole, and then suddenly cause large cracks to appear, followed by the entire dam then crumbling down due to the accumulated, unseen, pressure that has been building up over time.

I really never expected to be saying this two months ago. It would now appear though, that most of the groundwork in prayer against the E.U has already taken place, probably due to the arduous, ongoing prayer needed to trigger Article 50 in the UK. Far smaller and shorter prayer thrusts for the Netherlands and then for France could now result in those countries also leaving the E.U if we pray for them too. This would not only improve the UK’s negotiating position post Brexit but also, like a hole rapidly growing in a dam could lead to the fall of the entire E.U project itself. We need to act fast though, i.e. start praying immediately for the Netherlands, (and then, for those who are willing, for France after that).

I believe that a relatively small number of earnest, dedicated intercessors could achieve this for the Netherlands. If we pray along these lines over the next two weeks we could, therefore, be involved in changing the course of history.

S. Dobbs, 3rd March, 2017.