B18) This summer towards early 2020? (S. Dobbs, May 2019). The main prophecy relating to this is A40.

I've never had any dates for this but I wouldn't be surprised if the great wave of deception, (predicted  to come from another spirit, a false anointing, by numerous people on this site), strikes the churches of the western world within the next year, possibly even starting this summer. 

"Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God," (1 Jn 4; 1).

We need to test any claims that a "3rd wave global revival” has started, or that the "glory has come," or that a "new anointing has arrived." We all witnessed similar claims during Todd Bentleys Florida Outpouring in 2008. Most of the Christian media were taken in by this as were most of the western world’s largest charismatic and Pentecostal ministries. This time a false revival will be accompanied by a powerful New Age anointing and occult based miracles so it will be all the more convincing and will also last far longer, (until the end of the age). It will lead into the end times deceptions mentioned in the bible. to

One of the first signs will be fallen angels appearing as angels of light across hundreds of churches in the USA.

Some will call this a judgement, others a refining or cleansing. It is not personal though, it is a corporate attack on the church of the western world, not a personal judgement on any individual Christian.

A genuine global revival and move of God will follow this false one but only after Israel has been grafted back into the vine and accepted Christ as their Messiah, (Rms 11; 26). The centre of the genuine revival will be Africa and China not the ministries of the western world, although we will be part of it to, all those who survive the coming wave of deception.

We can’t afford to simply trust a new anointing or any minister and especially not the Christian media that has let us down so badly before, instead the bible calls us all to “test all things,” (1 Thess 5; 21).

God bless,

Steve Dobbs, May 2019.