B20) The Coronavirus, the media, do not fear, pray,” (J. Barratt, March 27th, 2020):

I was sent several texts containing the following words and insights about the Coronavirus from J. Barratt who received them whilst she was fasting and praying. These texts have been condensed here so they are not written out quite as a prophecy would be. The message comes across clear enough though.  S. Dobbs.

“I was in fasting and prayer yesterday and spirit of God said I have broken the crown of Corona and showed me a crown with spikes on the floor and that the media sending out fear as its partner at this time… Still to remain as we are in natural as spirit of death is seeking who it may devour… it thrive on fear…Once we broken down emotionally it can get a hold… Media like a tsunami to give it strength and gets into hearts of men. To confuse, terrify and destabilise you spiritually and physically even common cold could be lethal… My friend mum has it and on a ventilator. God show me a serpent rising from her belly and I thought wat is that? That is spirit of COVID, it was looking around to see who it may devour and people who are fearing it will attract to it… it vanquished by prayers of fire… Avoid media as they are in league with Prince of power of the air… Feed on word of God more… It will strengthen you, I was crying and praying before lord 2 days… Felt hopeless until God show me these things… Media will just sell death and God said speak life and resist devil and it has to flee. Speak life.

Notes: She also commented that “I even read that some cases that are not COVID 19 are reported as deaths,” [i.e. that some people with ordinary level Covid 19 have died of other things that afflicted them as well, e.g. heart attacks, which have then been reported as death by Covid to get the figures up]. She also said that she had read that “stress and trauma reduce immunity by 50%," so Coronavirus fears are bad when combined with other illness.

Insights typed up from J. Barratt’s texts, received from her on 27th March 2020.