B21) Materialism, (S. Dobbs, 5th May, 2020): 

A Christian friend of mine had been focussed on decorating his house for several months, which seemed harmless enough, (this can become very addictive as I have known myself). As I was praying for him with another friend, for other reasons, I believed God gave me the following picture; I saw an area that had been covered in grass that had then had bleach poured all over it. This scorched the soil and made it infertile, killing off everything that had grown there, so that only brown dead stubble and bare soil remained. I understood this was to do with my friend’s preoccupation with decorating his house at the expense of his spiritual life. I was shown that decorating was a form of materialism, (a focus on the material world), and that nothing of God could grow in the area of a person’s soul or life that was materialistic.

Notes: When you put this in the context of the prosperity gospel and its focus on money and worldly blessings it becomes clear why this is so dangerous to the body of Christ and why God has to remove this from His church. Our focus, particularly in the end times, has to be the exact opposite of materialism, i.e. we must have a focus on the things of heaven above and have a willingness to give up everything worldly for Christ, even our very lives, as martyrs, if necessary, for the devil now presides over the earth as the prince of this world.

S. Dobbs, 5th May, 2020.