B26) The Danger of Falling Away in this Season, (a personal word for someone). (S. Dobbs, 14th July, 2020):

The end time’s issues in the bible can make some people feel like its all crazy, too much to address, better to just let it go on overheard without paying much attention. 

However, when the cold wind blows and starts sucking the air from the flames of our tiny little personal fires, the cold and all the bitterness from what has happened in our lives, up until then, will suddenly surface. 

The power of materialism will also emerge, and we will find out where our storehouse have really been. The weight can drag us right down.

Like in the World Wars the tiny little areas of our personal lives can then be swamped and overrun by what’s going on in the larger world, (physically and spiritually).

A rock climber needs to get his hold on the rock face he’s climbing before the avalanche comes down on him from above. He needs to get his hooks deeper into those crevices than normal, so he can stand firm when huge amounts of snow fall down and try to pull him away from the face of the cliffs. 

He may be enjoying himself at the time, though, and not realises the need, enjoying looking at the little bit of rock in front of him. The ordinary holds could then pull out from the rock because he needed the firmer grip. But his storehouse were distracting him and dragging his attention away, and he didn't really have a secure grip in God as he had too much invested in this world instead.

There are also personal idols in a person’s heart, the belief that they are special to God and more important than other Christians. "Gods hand would catch me because I’m special to Him" they say to themselves.  In their imagination and mind they think they are safe in His hands when the reality is they don’t have a safe enough grip on the rock face they are climbing.

S. Dobbs, 14th July, 2020.